I'm Gray, a wedding and family photographer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Capturing memories and telling stories through photos is my life's passion.

Tennessee born and raised. Introverted lover of coffee, books, wine, Taylor Swift, and every single animal. Terrified of heights and spiders. An "elder Millenial" with the soul of a 95 year old. Loves to cook, not that good at it. In bed by 9pm. 

I love love. I think it's the only thing that can keep the world functioning. Love is stronger than hate, and capable of astounding things. Love of all kinds, shapes, and forms is beautiful. This is what inspires me. My drive is to photograph life and love.

Read on to learn more about my story, my style, and life with my husband and our fur children!

Welcome, yall!

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I've loved photography since 7th grade, when I inherited my uncle's hobby camera collection and began exploring this art with nerdy enthusiasm.

I was NOT an athletic or popular kid; my life was my friends, my horse, and my camera. I taught myself the basics by photographing flowers in my front yard, and at 15 started my own little business as a horse show photographer.

Eventually this hobby turned serious, and in 2010 I graduated from Virginia Intermont College with a Bachelors Degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. After graduation I mentored with a renowned photographer in Washington, DC, gaining incredible experience, new friends, and so many great memories.

Then life happened... I fell in love and moved to Minnesota, where I started my own business in 2012.


After college I rented a room from a stranger who would eventually become my sister in law. I met her brother, promptly fell in love,
and married him in 2013!

We have two dogs, a Boxer (Gumbo) and a yellow Lab (Gus).
They are complete goobers and give us laughter and comfort every day.

We have two horses, my first horse who has been with me for over 20 years, Georgia. And Rebel, the horse I bought under the excuse that my husband needed a horse too (he didn't).

Our cat came to be because my husband, Wade, doesn't like cats and is a little bit allergic. A tiny black kitten wandered out of the woods toward me and I accidentally picked him up and brought him home. Fast forward to now, Loki runs our household and Wade is hopelessly in love with this cat.

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A few years ago, Wade and I decided we were tired of brutal Minnesota winters and wanted more time in my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We made an unconventional decision and packed up our dogs and horses to become snowbirds. Now we spend half the year in Minnesota and half in the south, sharing more time with both of our families! 

I primarily serve central Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro area for wedding season, but also book in the Chattanooga area and travel frequently! So wherever you are reading this...let's chat!


The best part of photography is the fact that you can physically capture a memory and have it forever. Photos give us a playback of the details, people, and moments that we can so quickly forget in the hustle of life. My goal is to capture memories beautifully and authentically, so that they can be relived and shared for generations.

My style is based in natural light, with true to life colors and a light and bright aesthetic.  But behind the pictures, there is experience and memory. When you see an image, you remember how you felt in that moment. My job is to make your time in front of the camera easy and natural, so that you love every part of your images...the look, the feel, and the memory.

Everyone has a unique story, and I can't wait to hear yours!

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