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March 19, 2020

COVID19 – Perspective from a photographer and a nurse

Let’s talk about it. We are in uncertain times; the likes of which most people alive today have never seen within their lifetime. Everyone has a lot of feelings about COVID-19/novel coronavirus – regardless of how large of a threat you believe it to be, it is undoubtedly affecting EVERYONE’S lives. I feel it is imperative to discuss it here today, from the standpoint of a photographer/small business owner as well as a registered nurse.

Let’s start with the point of a photographer and small business owner. This is a terrifying time to be a small business owner. My husband and I both own and run multiple businesses and we are concerned. As the U.S. economy drops and more people are avoiding spending money on non-essentials, small business revenue plummets. My brides/couples are understandably *freaking* *out* over spring/summer weddings and considering cancelling or delaying their services, which brings its own complications. From this perspective, I am 100% on board working with couples, venues, other vendors to work out alternative options or delay dates entirely. This is the time to work as a community for the better of the greater good. Let’s make it happen and get through this together. The Knot and Wedding Wire offer helpful tips about how to handle wedding planning during this crisis, including if, when, and how to postpone events. 

Also…when you have the option to shop local instead of “big box” or large corporate stores…please do so, these small business need help during these times. Also keep in mind that reviews help to bolster support and direct traffic towards these small businesses both now and after this crisis ends.

On the other side of my dual careers…I am also a registered nurse working at the only Level I trauma center in the Chattanooga, Tennessee region. This means we are a hot spot for indigent care, high acuity cases, and top level care throughout the Tri-State region. We are preparing for a possible (probably inevitable) influx of cases. I’ll be going to work every single day, without the option of working from home, unless symptomatic. I struggle with the possibility of bringing the virus home to my family. My husband and I are trying to strictly follow the rules of social distancing. I have stopped visiting my aging grandparents entirely and only seeing my parents when necessary, and with distance. 

Those of us in healthcare ask that you please follow the CDC guidelines and PLEASE stay home and practice social distancing. If you haven’t read the articles about flattening the curve, please do so. These are very informative and helps to explain how social distancing works to help prevent an overwhelming spike in cases. This gives our healthcare systems a chance to keep up, as well as helps to protect the most vulnerable in our population such as older adults and those with chronic illnesses and immunosuppressive conditions.

This is not a post meant to be full of dread and doom. It is mean to be realistic content from the perspective of both a small business owner and a healthcare professional. Two separate arenas very much impacted by COVID-19, which is inarguably changing our world and our lives. Let’s keep our conversations relevant, informed, realistic, and, whenever possible, uplifting and positive! 

On that note…there are some beautiful signs of spring here in the south right now. Regardless of the chaos in our human world, nature continues with its patterns of new growth, blooms, and seasonal changes. PLUS, a guest appearance from my boys, Tank and Gus, because dogs make everything better. ♥️

Stay safe, healthy, and kind, my friends!

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