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August 3, 2021

Paige + Ricky / Brandon MN Wedding

Ooof this was an emotional day! Not only because Paige is a close friend of mine, but also because of the overwhelming love, emotion, and support surrounding this couple. Let me warn you, there were lots of tears.

Paige and I have been friends for about 9 years. We met when we were working together at a bank, in between career moves for both of us, and became pretty instant friends. We’ve been through boyfriends, jobs, moves, and general major life changes together. She moved to Washington a few years ago and we don’t get to see each other as often, but we have stayed in touch and she is still one of my most cherished friends. Paige has this amazing way of connecting with people that is just so infectious. You kind of want to hate her because she’s so drop dead gorgeous, but it is simply impossible to not like this woman. She’s incredible and I’m lucky to count her as a friend.

When Paige first told me about Ricky a few years ago, I could tell this one was different. I was not surprised when she texted me a picture of her engagement ring; I was so happy for her, and then beyond honored when she asked me to be her wedding photographer. When I met Ricky at their engagement session last year and watched them together, I knew without a doubt how completely happy she was.

I knew this day was going to be emotional but WHOA. Her first look with her dad derailed me. They have always been very close, but it still undid all of us to witness this sweet moment. I knew it would be a given that Ricky would lose it when he saw his stunning bride, but his the expression on his face looking at Paige is one of the most genuine, earnest expressions of love I’ve ever seen.

Overall this was such a loving, emotional, embracing gathering celebrating the love of two seemingly unlikely soulmates. These two so clearly are devoted to one another, it’s just heartwarming to watch them together. It was such a blessing to be a part of this day. I’m so happy for my sweet friend. I love you Paige and I’m so happy for you and Ricky. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Parker!

The SWEETEST Father/Daughter First Look I’ve ever witnessed!

More tears! I am all about big emotions on a wedding day!

Venue : Long Lake Lodge
Coordinator : Sarah B’s Wedding and Events
Dress : Jackie J’s
Hair/makeup : I Candee
Florals : Broadway Floral
DJ : Now That’s Entertainment
Catering : Angelinas

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