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August 19, 2022

How to Prep for Your Engagement Session

So, you’ve booked your wedding photographer and it’s time for your engagement session…how exciting! But now what?

Getting in front of a professional camera is not a common occurrence for most people so you probably have some questions and may be a little nervous! Totally normal! But, I really want you to truly enjoy your photos, not only the final images, but also the entire experience. Feeling comfortable and prepared definitely makes it more fun. With over ten years of experience photographing weddings and engagement sessions, I have some insight into how you can show up to your session feeling confident and excited! Read on to learn my four tips for preparing for your engagement photos!

1. Dress to feel good!

I get this question a lot! Many couples wonder what to wear… Solids or patterns? Bright or dark colors? Dress? Casual? My advice is: wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident! When you feel your best, you will enjoy your session and be happier with your images! Within this, a good rule of thumb when picking outfits is to avoid more than one pattern. It doesn’t matter if he or she is wearing the pattern, but when there is a pattern involved, consider pairing with a neutral solid to avoid an overly busy situation that can detract from faces and emotions. Marnie and Josh have great examples of this!

2. Get that bling sparkling!

Have your ring cleaned before your engagement session! Most jewelers will provide complimentary or discounted cleaning for rings purchased with them, so be sure to ask! The Knot also has a great article about cleaning your ring at home! Cleaning just prior to your session ensures your diamonds are as sparkly and gorgeous as possible, so they shine perfectly in your photos.

Bonus tip: Its also great idea to have your nails manicured prior to your engagement session! A professional manicure is not needed, even just a trim and coat of polish (clear or color, whatever fits your style best!), goes a long way towards feeling confident when you have close up photos of your ring and hands!

3. Plan on variety!

I always tell my couples to consider two to three outfits for their engagement session, and plan on at least two separate locations. This way we get a wide range of variety in your photos, from sweet and flirty to romantic and elegant, or countryside and urban, or any other combinations that reflect all the best pieces of who you are as a couple!

4. Remember its ok to feel awkward!

Unless you are a professional model, being in front of a pro camera is not something most people are accustomed to! So it is COMPLETELY NORMAL to feel awkward and unsure at first! I tell my couples to expect to feel a bit strange for the first few minutes as you get used to “posing”, but it gets so much easier as we go! My couples consistently say “That was actually really fun!” by the end, and leave their session feeling confident. This makes a huge difference on wedding day, when you’ve gotten past the initial learning curve and know what to expect.

So, try to keep in mind that it’s completely ok not to know what you’re doing. My job (and any good photographer’s job!) is to make you look and feel your best, so have fun and enjoy the process…you’re ENGAGED!

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