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October 23, 2023

Shannon + Nick / Cape San Blas Wedding

This was the most challenging wedding I have ever photographed. Not technically or creatively, not because of weather or lighting conditions, and not because of drama, catastrophes, or struggles. It’s because I had to figure out how to shoot – create, expose, and compose shots at my highest level of ability – all through my own blubbering tears.

One of my best friends of almost 25 years got married in Cape San Blas, Florida with a perfect destination wedding. I knew this was going to be tearful, witnessing this woman who is basically a sister to me, marry the love of her life. But I really underestimated just how emotional I was going to be all day, and how challenging it would to be to manage those emotions behind a camera! (I did not manage well)

We had absolutely perfect weather all week; a serenely calm ocean, sunny blue skies, and on our final morning, a stunning full rainbow right in front of our beach house. You could not have asked for better conditions for a destination beach wedding.

Nick and and Shannon met through work several years ago. When Shannon first told me about her new boyfriend Nick and his daughter Caradee, it was clear this one was different. He sounded incredibly sweet, devoted to his daughter, and clearly head over heels in love with Shannon. Over the last few years, these three have become the most beautiful family. Shannon and Caradee have the sweetest relationship, and the way she and Nick coparent with Caradee’s mom is inspiring. Everyone is dedicated to raising this sweet girl surrounded by love and support, and it’s so wonderful to witness.

Shannon and Nick opted for an intimate destination wedding in Cape San Blas, Florida. In a simple, beautiful ceremony on the beach, they read their own vows to one another, exchanged rings and a kiss, and spent the rest of the day celebrating with family. The way these two looked at one another during their vows was pure love, and I was a MESS.

Shannon’s engagement ring is from her mom, and Shannon had earrings made from diamonds out of her grandmother’s ring to create custom matching earrings for her and Caradee. When she gave these to Caradee before the wedding, everyone single one of us were in tears. This was such a beautiful and meaningful gift to pass on to this sweet girl and such a sweet symbol of commitment to this family.

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I am over the moon happy for Shannon. She deserves the world, and from what I’ve seen…I’m pretty sure Nick will give it to her. Congratulations to Nick and Shannon, and Caradee. What a beautiful family you have. Cheers girl, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for your beautiful family. Your day was a dream, thank you so much for including me. Love you.

“Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever?”

Taylor Swift

  1. Caradee says:

    Hi this is caradee I love these photos. You are the best.

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